• Losing cm's 4 times faster
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Smooth, even skin & feeling fitter
  • Results within 1 month
  • Weight loss due to infrared training



High quality neopreen skirts for the VacuStep.

These are the best.


Available sizes:

XXS  |  XS  |  S  |  M  |  L  |  XL  |  XXL


This spray provides a fresh mint scent, kills the bacteria and relieves your skirts of any sweat odors without making the skirt wet.



✓ kills bacteria,

✓ mint odor,

✓ unpleasant odors,

✓ does not give molds any chance


With training in the VacuStep with infrared, the centimeters are off in no time!

✓ It also stimulates blood flow for good fat burning
✓ Centimeter loss on the abdomen, buttocks and legs
✓ Optimal cellulite reduction
✓ Improves fitness
✓ Slimmer and toned figure
✓ Better drainage of moisture and waste
✓ Optimal results with little effort
✓ Extremely suitable for people with fibromylagia and rheumatism.
✓ With Infrared! This allows you to achieve a better & faster result in one session.
✓ In 20 sessions of 28 minutes

price for installation on request


Extra strong quality boards for the VacuStep (birch wood)

Price on request


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